I am a curious being.  I like to know what makes things tick.  I love business, I love people.  Listening to, and trying to decipher the melody of the heart beat of an organisation or a person, understanding the intricate weaving of the harmonies as they crescendo into this toe tapping rhythm is an utter joy for me.

That unearthing, the discovery is awakening, exciting and humbling all at the same time.  Once I tap into the truest nature of the heart (of the organisation or a person) my imagination fires up and sometimes I struggle to catch up.  Like a child unrestrained in a candy shop.

I channel my passions through my journey carving a career as a business strategist.  I am also co-founder of You Have It In You Foundation where we help disadvantaged children in Zimbabwe to attain their potential through sponsoring their education and a youth leadership program.

The tagline for my blog is ThuliRightNow reflecting on the fact that I am growing, evolving and learning.  My opinions hold true as at the time of printing but may change over time as my knowledge base gets richer and more holistic.  My opinions I based on what I know and see NOW.  I know and see in part!

Turns out, I am my own biggest most important project to work on!



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